What is a Healing Therapies session like?
Lavendar Phlox
Each session is uniquely tailored to your overall healing goals and your particular needs at the time, so no two sessions are ever identical. What stays consistent, though, is that I always focus on holding a safe, supportive, strong yet gentle healing space for you and I choose the healing techniques and recommendations that will bring you the greatest degree of healing, wellbeing, personal empowerment, and integration.

During the healing work itself, you may be standing or seated, or lying on a bodywork table. You always remain fully clothed, except for your shoes.

Clients report a variety of experiences during the sessions, including not only relief from symptoms, but also a deep sense of peace and relaxation, comforting warmth from my hands, a sense of relief from past traumas, the movement of energy, as well as feelings of being replenished at a deep level.

Who can benefit from a Healing Therapies session?

People of all ages – infants to elders

How long does a Healing Therapies session take?

Sessions are usually 60 minutes, or 90 minutes if you’d also like a Flower Essence Consultation. If you’re facing an acute issue and wish to come frequently for shorter sessions, that is also possible. Sessions for infants and children tend to be shorter, in part because their systems respond more quickly.

Can I receive Healing Therapies and other kinds of healing treatments at the same time?

Of course! I encourage you to continue to work with your primary care physician as well as with any other health professionals you currently see or may plan to consult. If at any time you feel it would be useful, I would be happy to consult with the other members of your healing team.

Distance sessions, on-site visits, and house calls are also available.