Welcome to LivingEssence Healing Arts,
the homepage for Margaret Olin's Healing Therapies Practice

Are you
  • experiencing stress or anxiety?
  • having trouble sleeping?
  • experiencing chronic pain, including headaches or back pain?
  • recovering from an illness or an injury?
  • facing surgery or recovering from surgery?
  • suffering from TMJ?
  • having trouble focusing at school or at work?
  • dealing with allergies or sensitivities?
  • feeling like your energy levels are off kilter?
  • at a transition point in your life and not sure where you're headed?
Healing Therapies can help!

Healing Therapies can bring relief from a wide variety of symptoms and conditions, and help you to feel more relaxed and replenished. Sessions are beneficial for all ages -- from infants to elders -- and take place in my office in Shelburne Falls. For the homebound, I make house calls. Businesses and organizations can also benefit from the on-site workshops and individualized sessions I offer.

This website is still in the works. Soon I'll be adding more pages with a variety of kinds of information and resources. And even when it's "finished", I'll be updating it regularly, so check back soon! Contact me if you'd like more information or to set up an appointment, and I hope you will enjoy exploring this site.